Dallas, TX — The new Plug-a-Pod™, a tiny 1.5″ x 1.3″ controller board, ships this month from New Micros, Inc. The Plug-a-Pod™ is a complete microcontroller system with a built in high-level-language and parallel processing operating system, IsoMax™. While the Plug-a-Pod™ can be used stand-alone or in a proto board, this is the first board from New Micros, Inc. intended by design to be plugged into a user-designed carrier board. The expected use will be as a controller module, which will reduce total system cost. The new Plug a pod

Two-layer boards have become inexpensive, and many board shops offer CAD software deals like our friends at CAD Portal to design them. However, complex multiplayer boards, by comparison, remain prohibitively expensive in prototyping and small production The connections on Plug-a-Pod™ are carefully positioned for easy routing on a simple two-layer board with the user’s additional circuits. For instance, opto-isolation, communications drivers, high  and low-side drivers, Hbridges, etc., and the just right kinds of connectors needed, can be put on a 2 layer board, and the complex, SMT, high density, thin trace, multi-layer requirements can be bypassed by adding connections for  he Plug-a-Pod™.


The Plug-a-Pod™ fits in less than 2 square inches (the board is 1.5” x 1.3”). All connectors have .1” spacing. The pins plugs into two dual row sockets, 0.2” x 1.2”, with 24 pins each. It can also be soldered directly to the carrier  board, where high vibration or high reliability dictate. Hardware features on this new processor include all the signals found on the similar family device, the new TiniPod™, on one dual row set of pins: 16 General Purpose Digital I/O  lines, 1 RS-232 serial channel. The first GPIO lines share functions with a 4 wire SPI Interface, 6 General Purpose Timers, 6 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs. On the other dual row pins additional pins unique to the Plug-a-Pod™ include: 8-Ch 12-Bit A/D and an additional 8 GPIO. The PWM outputs are hardware based and can be used to control 6 R/C Servos control, or grouped to control a 3- phase Brushless DC motors, 6 PMDC  rotors,  complementary drive for the H-bridge for 3 PMDC motors. The multimode Timers can be used as 3 channels of Quadrature Decoders, or 3 channels Step and Direction counters. Individually they can also measure pulse width, time ultrasonic ranging pulses, or generate pulses, drive IR 40 KHz transmitters etc. They too can generate PWM outputs to drive another 6 R/C Servos. Since the PWM and Timer modules are supported in set-and forget
hardware modules, the processor is free to perform higher level functions, such as acceleration-limited, velocity-profiled control of the moves of up to 12 RC Servos at the same time, and still have time left over for other
Similarly, using the Timer modules as Quadrature decoder inputs, the processor can implement PID and accelerationlimited, velocity-profiled control of the moves of 3 axes of motion control at the same time, and do other tasks such as data collection on the A/D and individual GPIO management. The CANBus opens the possibility of distributed processing networks, particularly in automotive and industrial applications, so parallel hardware can be combined with parallel software.


The Plug-a-Pod™ can be programmed in a number of languages, C (third party), Small C (included), Forth or the resident IsoMax™ (included). IsoMax™, is based on state machine programming concepts. Programming real time tasks amounts to describing virtual machines that will sense conditions, take actions, and move to new states. The machine construction is very English readable. Development is interactive through the RS-232 and will typically be done on a PC, laptop, PDA, or any serial device, even dynamically by another microprocessor. Programming in IsoMax™ means interactively creating new processor tasks, each being a state machine or thread, and
then testing that code.

Virtually Parallel Machine Architecture (VPMA) is a new programming paradigm possible with IsoMax™. VPMA allows more than one of these machines to be installed into background process. All these installed machines run independently in a virtually parallel fashion. All the tasks are handled on the same level, each running like its own separate little machine. VPMA on the Plug-a-Pod™ can be compared to running dozens of stamp-like microcomputers in parallel.

When the programmer is satisfied with performance of a new machine, he installs it into a chain of machines. The machines installed in the machine chain become background features of the Plug-a-Pod™ until removed or replaced. The IsoMax™ language is inherently “multitasking” without the overhead or complexity of a multitasking operating system. A useful single state machine can be written with as little as three lines of code. The interactive foreground remains always available for further interactive development, and interactive checking on the running machines. The combination of IsoMax™ software, VPMA structure, and diverse hardware makes Plug-a-Pod™ very versatile. Plug-aPod™  is ideal for dedicated control of DC motors, BDCM, stepper motors, solenoids, and motion and control applications in general. The fast A/D works well for data collection, and the CANBus greatly enhances networked control applications.

The Plug-a-Pod™ brings an amazing amount of computing and control function to a very small space in a user’s design, allowing fabrication at a fraction of the cost of a large multiplayer version. A single unit is $89 with linear regulators installed. Other regulator options are available. About New Micros, Inc. New Micros, Inc. of Dallas, TX, has designed and manufactured chips, Single Board Computers, peripherals, and custom electronics, for over 20 years. New Micros, Inc. products have been used in a wide range of projects: in space shots, such as ignition and separation control on the first Pegasus Rocket, the HF radio controller on the ARRIANE rocket, to deep ocean probes such as Alice, to robot arms and displays. In 1987 New Micros, Inc. became the first company ever to offer a stand-alone single chip computer with a High Level Language built inside. New Micros, Inc. continues this trend today with this development of highlevel-language “intelligent” embedded controllers. High-resolution digital photos are available.

Sales Manager New Micros, Inc.:
Dave Peterson, (214) 339-2204,,
New Micros, Inc. 1601 Chalk Hill Road, Dallas, TX 75212
Plug-a-Pod™ picture 1:
Plug-a-Pod™ picture 2:
Plug-a-Pod™ manual (TBD):

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What is the Latest AT&T Coupon Code

Grab The Latest AT&T Coupon Code Options


AT&T U-verse bundles are becoming more and more popular as the provider of digital and high definition programming, fast and uninterrupted internet connection and amazing voice services in the US. Almost everyone uses AT&T and what’s even better is that AT&T wants every subscriber and potential subscriber to get the best out of their services by offering the latest ATT Uverse coupon codes.

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Kaspersky Lab Reconsiders Its US Operation

Adjustments To U.S. Subsidiary Of Kaspersky Lab Considered


Kaspersky Lab, Moscow-based producer of cyber security tools stated Tuesday that changes may be afoot with regard to the subsidiary through which it makes sales to the government of the United States. This news comes during a period in which the firm faces questions about its potential vulnerability to Russian interests and influence.Image result for allintitle:Kaspersky Promo Code


Senators in the United States will vote later this week on a proposed defense bill which would prohibit government agencies in this country from using products made by Kaspersky Lab. ( coupons for Kaspersky are here )

A spokesperson from Kaspersky Lab told Reuters that because government agencies in the U.S. have not comprised a substantial part of the firm’s North American sales, representatives of the company will be examining ways in which it can better use the office in D.C. through which threat intelligence tools are offered to governmental bodies in America.


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Eugene Kaspersky, Founder and CEO of the enterprise Tweeted on Tuesday that the company is dedicated to its customer base in North America, regardless of current rumblings in the geopolitical realm.


Officials with Kaspersky Lab have stated on multiple occasions that the company is not linked with any governmental entity, stating that it does not assist any nation with cyber spying of any sort. The firm further asserted that no evidence exists that the antivirus software it produces helps the Kremlin with espionage efforts, despite allegations that have been made by legislators and others in the U.S.

Still, Kaspersky Lab has been hard pressed to fully debunk the accusations. Just a week ago, Best Buy Co., the top retailer of electronics in the U.S., announced that it would no longer sell the company’s cyber security tools for mac security or pc based products, either in stores or online.


Russian language news resource The Bell cited a pair of anonymous sources on Tuesday who suggested that Kaspersky Lab was giving serious thought to shuttering its Arlington, Virginia offices, located in the shadow of the nation’s capital.

These very offices house the Kaspersky Lab KGSS subsidiary, responsible for the federal agency market in America and were found to be empty in July when a reporter from Reuters paid them a visit. At that time, a spokesperson from the company stated that the majority of staffers, which totaled no more than ten, typically telecommuted.

With origins dating back to 1997, Kaspersky Lab has endeavored to be a leading supplier of cyber tools to U.S. government agencies, but to date has achieved limited success.



Image result for allintitle:Kaspersky Promo Code

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Kaspersky Internet Security Coupon

What are the latest Kaspersky Internet Security Coupon Offers ?

Here at we appreciate the fact that in this day and age internet security is a top priority now and to that end our top product for online safety is Kaspersky so below we have put together a range of top coupons and promo codes so you get to save anywher from 20 to 40% with coupons on Kaspersky .


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It’s irritating to lose valuable files and costly gizmos due to infections, malwares and spywares. Exactly what’s worse, your personal and financial details are incredibly vulnerable online. Protect your files, identity and hardware with Kaspersky. Armed with the current technologies in antivirus, antimalware and antispyware innovation, you can sleep tight during the night understanding that Kaspersky is safeguarding your information, files and devices against these numerous risks. We know that this kind of security does not come cheap, so, assistance yourself to a Kaspersky laboratory voucher to obtain the best deal on Kaspersky laboratory items.

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Kaspersky Shopping Idea:Image result for kaspersky internet security coupon


For Home users, Kaspersky has 4 crucial items:

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus: just secures PCs(windows), packages 3 devices 1 year, 5 gadgets and 10 gadgets.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security: protects PC & Mac, plus Android devices, bundles 3 gadgets 1 year, 5 devices and 10 gadgets.

3. Kaspersky Total Security: secures PC & Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, bundles 3 devices 1 year, 5 gadgets and 10 gadgets.

4. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac: only protects Mac, has 1 Mac 1 year alternative offered.

Depends on the number of gadgets you have and exactly what sort of gadget, you can pick various products. For please examine this compare Kaspersky items for features (after you get to that page, scroll down you will see the product compilation).
In the cyber world, bug are being produced at a very high rate. For that reason it’s vital for computer system owners to safeguard their data and files in the computers using anti-virus software. The internet is not safe and secure because even the very best technical professionals as soon as in a while might mistakenly download infections that can hurt their computer systems. There are likewise some identity rip-offs that have been invented and can quickly impact individuals who go on the internet regularly. There are genuine advantages connected with setting up anti-viruses software application in your computer.


Kaspersky Security for Windows


As you can see from the above list of products, Kaspersky uses 3 items for Windows, each which is explained listed below in more detail. The Internet Security component is also available for Mac and Android devices, and these will be talked about later. Let’s start with Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows.


Kaspersky Antivirus has been designed to protect all your Windows gadgets from infections and worms. All gadgets that are connected to the web, whether hard-wired or cordless, undergo viral attacks. It is very important to have a trustworthy anti-virus application set up on your gadget.

Kaspersky Anti-virus offers an ideal defense versus malware of all types. It is the first Kaspersky product and very first line of defense. If you are trying to find a terrific anti-malware without investing a lot of loan, this is the right choice for you. Kaspersky Internet Security is their flagship product. It combines the most recent security engine with innovative security defenses. It includes an extra layer of security compared with the anti-virus alone, that makes this item best for online banking and shopping, protect your personal privacy, secure your kids and simple management.

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The Best Mac Antivirus Software 2017

Exactly what are the most significant security risks to Macs?


The bad guys’ favourite malware is currently ransomware– a kind of app that locks up the victim’s computer system and just opens it if a ransom is paid. And as some victims have actually found, it ends up that you simply cannot rely on lawbreakers: people who did pay up discovered that they were asked to pay once again, or that their card information were copied and used.

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Ransomware made it to the Mac in 2016, when the KeRanger trojan was discovered in the Transmission BitTorrent client. It’s believed that the infection took place through compromising the Transmission site and replacing the real DMG download with an contaminated one. Some 7,000 Macs are believed to have been contaminated.Image result for The best Mac antivirus software 2017


Do Macs need an anti-virus?


Plenty of Mac fanatics will inform you that Apple computer systems are inherently safe and secure and don’t require defense. We ‘d argue that they are incorrect – or a bit overconfident, a minimum of.

Macs are typically more safe than their Windows brethren for two factors. On the technical side, macOS is a Unix-based os. As a Unix-based os macOS is sandboxed.

It’s like having a series of fire doors: even if malware gains access to your Mac, it is unable to infect the heart of the machine. Macs are not unhackable, however they are more difficult to make use of than Windows PCs.

The second reason is that, today, there are far fewer Macs than there are Windows PCs. Fewer targets, and these are harder to hack. Is it any marvel that cybercriminals concentrate on the Windows world?


Hands-On Phishing Protection Testing


When I test malware defense on Windows, I use live malware inside an isolated virtual machine. I’ve coded a variety of analysis tools throughout the years to help with this screening. Little of that testing regimen rollovers to the Mac. Phishing, however, isn’t really platform-specific, as discussed earlier, and neither is my antiphishing test. Phishing sites imitate protected sites, whatever from banks and financing sites to video gaming and dating sites. If you enter your credentials at the fake login page, you’ve offered the phisher access to your account. And it doesn’t matter if you are browsing on a PC, a Mac, or an internet-aware fridge.

The top entertainers in our review are Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, the Gold Award winner; Kaspersky Lab Internet Security for Mac, the Silver Award winner; and Norton Security Standard, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a program to meet your requirements, together with detail on how we came to our ranking of the top 10 anti-viruses software solutions for Mac.

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Mac is popular for producing protected devices that don’t require defense beyond what’s consisted of on its computers and laptops. However, a growing number of malware creators are targeting Mac users, creating a requirement for further, third-party security. Mac virus scanners are designed to work alongside the web securities included with your computer system, offering extra security instead of an alternative service. In addition, Mac internet security programs have more tools than antivirus software alone, including adult controls and web filters that work for both Mac and PC users.

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Cyber Security Solutions For Small Business

Cybersecurity is no joke. Whether you have a site, online accounts or any kind of Web-based facilities, you are at threat for a cyberattack.

Although the general public generally only finds out about cyberattacks versus prominent business, banks and government websites, little services make prime targets for cybercriminals, rivals and dissatisfied celebrations. Yet, due to their lack of resources, little services have the least-protected sites, accounts and network systems– making cyberattacks a reasonably simple job.


Why is the Risk so Great for Small Companies?


Small companies may believe that due to the fact that they lack the visibility and popularity of bigger, more widely known companies, they are safe from cyber attacks. However, that false sense of security is simply exactly what makes them more prone to attack. Inning accordance with a Data Breach Report conducted by Verizon in 2013, almost three-quarters of all companies assaulted by means of the web in 2012 had less than 100 employees. Small business frequently do not have the personnel and funds to implement web security protection procedures. Online scams remains in fact one of the downsides of utilizing a charge card. Small companies fall victim due to the fact that they have restricted defense. Regrettably, that makes them the best targets for cybercriminals.


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Image result for Cyber Security Solutions For Small Business

Online threats are on everyone’s minds after this week’s breach at OneLogin. The identity and gain access to management company with over 2,000 business customers was hacked, and the fallout isn’t over. During the security breach, personal information about users, apps, and various keys may have been acquired by the still unknown hackers. All we currently understand is exactly what OneLogin has actually revealed on their company blog site: information might have been collected and the hacker or hackers might have figured out a way to decrypt information.

Easy, budget-friendly cyber security service for your growing business


Over 77% of all cyber criminal offenses target little and midsize business (SMEs) but, research study shows 42% of small and midsize companies don’t see cyber criminal activity as a threat. Protecting your growing enterprise against cyber hazards is crucial, but it takes time and resources far from growth activities. The issue just gets worse when standard security solutions fail to stop innovative attacks.


Security Essentials And  Email Threat Prevention Cloud


  • Addresses the low-maintenance, inexpensive, high-value cyber security needs of your growing enterprise.
  • Incorporates with your conventional cyber security items to extend your defenses.
  • Protects your organisation against the cost and interruption of a breach.
  • Discovers innovative attacks in genuine time– even those that other security solutions miss out on.


The Internet permits services of all sizes and from any area to reach new and bigger markets and offers chances to work more effectively by utilizing computer-based tools. Whether a business is thinking about embracing cloud computing or just utilizing email and maintaining a website, cybersecurity ought to belong of the strategy. Theft of digital information has become the most typically reported scams, going beyond physical theft. Every organisation that uses the Internet is accountable for developing a culture of security that will improve service and consumer confidence. In October 2012, the FCC re-launched the Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0, an online resource to assist little companies produce customized cybersecurity plans.

The FCC also released an upgraded one-page Cybersecurity Tip Sheet. The fast resource features new tips on producing a mobile phone action strategy and on payment and credit card security.

The damage to business in terms of consumer confidence, public image, and legal difficulty from such occurrences can be substantial, but nowhere are the effects of cybercrime more hazardous than in financing, where extremely delicate info, large amounts of loan, and people’s incomes can be jeopardized. The attack on JPMorgan Chase last summer, for example, that resulted in the theft of 76 million account holders’ information was a substantial black eye for the bank.

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Dell Inspiron 5675 gaming desktop review

Gaming under $1,000 Is Looking Great

The Dell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop made its launching at the Computex 2017 occasion kept in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30 to June 3. The device was introduced along with all-in-one PCs, the Inspiron 24 5000 and the Inspiron 27 7000. All 3 devices are equipped with the most recent AMD-based processors and graphics cards, however the Inspiron 5675 likewise includes NVIDIA options of as much as GTX 1060

Boasting the latest AMD multicore Ryzen processors with SenseMI and as much as 32 GB DDR4 RAM, the Inspiron 5675 has the ability to better enhance power intake, clock speeds and the channeling of jobs. The gadget also offers split-second responsiveness along with powerful multitasking capabilities, virtual reality (VR) preparedness, and high-performance 7.1 Channel HD audio for smoother, more immersive gameplay that can assist the user dominate DirectX 12 gaming and VR landscapes.


Purchasing a video gaming desktop can be an challenging prospect, as there’s a great deal of choices out there, at a great deal of various rate points. Finding one with the speed and flexibility to get the most from the current games is easy enough, if you don’t mind spending a fortune. It’s harder to discover a desktop that can do all those things for less than $1,000, however throughout our Dell Inspiron 5675 review, we concerned understand that it just might fit the bill.


The Inspiron 5675 functions an AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor, 8 GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card, and a 1TB hard disk. Built with AMD’s newest hardware and clad in a stylish chassis, the Inspiron 5675 objectives to use strong, trustworthy gaming efficiency on a spending plan. Let’s see if it’s up to the task.

The Inspiron 5675 is the tech giant’s first gaming desktop on the growing Inspiron lineup. The brand-new Dell gaming device homes more than capable elements, however it also features a sensible cost. It’s a nice option for gamers on a budget.


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Dell’s new gaming computer loads the current AMD multicore Ryzen processors with SenseMI, which should provide better optimisation of power consumption, clock speeds and channelling of tasks. Backing that up are up to 850 watts of power supply, “Ready for VR” graphics cards, advanced cooling options and as much as 32 GB of DDR4 memory. It also includes a vast array of connectivity options including a SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port and even up to six SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports overall.

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